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At Exchange State Bank, our first priority is protecting your personal, sensitive information.  We adhere to strict bank-wide security procedures to protect your accounts.  We work very diligently and proactively to detect and prevent fraud.  Your identity is the most precious thing you have, which is why it is a key target for thieves.  In order to protect yourself, you need to be alert when providing personal information.
  • Read your bills and statements to ensure there are not charges you did not purchase
  • Have security software on your computer
  • Do not enter personal information on your laptop or mobile device in public spaces
  • Do not carry your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
  • Make sure your checks do not have your phone number or social security number printed on them
  • Do not leave mail sitting in your mailbox.  Retrieve it on the day you receive it.

Check your credit!  You get one free look at your report from each of the following credit agencies on an annual basis.

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For more information about protecting your identity and identity fraud, go to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information website by clicking HERE.