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Exchange State Bank PRIVACY POLICY

Keeping your personal information secure is the highest priority for us at Exchange State Bank.  We are committed to keeping the personal information collected from potential, current and former customers confidential and secure. Therefore, we feel that it is important to explain to you why we need certain information, how this information is used and the steps we take to ensure its security at all times. 

Customer Information

When you complete an application or open an account with us, we collect personal data such as your name, address, birth date, social security number and other information necessary to meet your banking needs. We also may gather information from:

  • Consumer reporting agencies for information such as your credit history as authorized by you
  • Transactions you make with us (account balances, payment history, and parties to the transaction)

Sharing Your Information

Your non-public personal information may only be shared with Anchor Wealth Management, Inc., an affiliated company, unless you direct us not to share your information with them. The only other instances in which we may share your private information, as permitted by law, include:

  • To third party administrators
  • To your attorney
  • In a transaction with a title insurance company initiated by you
  • To consumer reporting agencies as required or necessary
  • To comply with legal or regulatory requirements

We may also disclose your information during the normal course of business with companies or individuals contracted to perform business functions such as check printing and computer related services.

When it is necessary to provide information to other service providers, we require them to safeguard your information, use it only for the intended purpose and abide by all applicable laws.

Employee Access to Information

Through the course of maintaining your accounts, Exchange State Bank staff will have access to your confidential information. Only employees with valid business reasons to see this information will have access. All employees are educated on the importance of keeping this information secure and confidential. 

Protection of Information

Exchange State Bank maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non-public personal information. As we cannot guarantee the security of regular email transmissions, please DO NOT send us emails with confidential information such as account numbers or balances.

Maintaining Accurate Information

We handle information of former customers just as carefully as that of current customers. Exchange State Bank strives to maintain accurate customer records in accordance with industry standards. Our procedures, including timely updating of inaccurate information, help us keep information current and complete.

Disclosure of Privacy Policy

Exchange State Bank has provided you with a copy of our privacy policy for informational purposes and will update and distribute it as required by law. It is also available to you by request at any time.