Personal Loans

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There are times in life when large expenses come up and you just don’t have the funds. For those times, turn to the personal lending experts at Exchange State Bank to help find the financing you need. 
Whether it’s a new car, medical bills or other unexpected expenses, a personal loan or personal line of credit from Exchange State Bank provides flexibility for your finances.

Personal Installment Loans

A loan that can be used for just about anything, personal installment loans bring stability to a budget because they use a set number of scheduled payments.  An Exchange State Bank personal lender will work with you to find a term and repayment plan that fits your budget.

Personal Credit Line (Overdraft Protection)

If approved, this line of credit is connected to your checking account. Any time you complete a transaction where the payment from your checking account is higher than your checking account balance, funds are automatically advanced from your PCL. You then pay off the loan balance plus interest before scheduled payment dates. 
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Reminder:   You should not include any confidential information within an email.   Please contact the bank directly if you need to provide confidential information.