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Need equipment for your business or municipal agency? Leasing is one of the most popular and easiest ways to get the equipment or building space you need. Exchange State Bank can set up a leasing agreement for everything from commercial and agricultural buildings to buses and police cars. Not only that, but leasing through Exchange State Bank comes with many benefits:
  • Equipment when you need it- waiting means falling behind in today’s business world. We help you get the equipment you need quickly to keep your business humming.
  • A variety of payment options- choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment schedules, whichever fits your cash flow.
  • Easy accounting and budgeting- most lease payments are deductible, removing the need to set up depreciation schedules, simplifying budgeting and creating tax savings.  Please consult with your tax professional for more information regarding potential tax considerations.
  • Ramp up your cash flow- in most cases, leases mean you’re paying less for the equipment you use.
  • Multiple end-of-lease options- when the lease ends, you can: a) purchase the equipment according to the purchase option in the lease agreement, b) renew the lease for another period of time, or c) return the equipment if you no longer need it. 
You can apply for leasing by printing and filling out the Lease Application and bringing it to Exchange State Bank. You can also mail it to us at the following address:
Exchange State Bank
PO Box 5
Lanark, IL 61046
IMPORTANT: please do not email us this application. This lease application requires detailed financial information and the safety and security of this information is not guaranteed through email.