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Meet our Lending Staff:   
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Everyone has personal and financial goals they want to achieve. Perhaps you need a new vehicle, want to make improvements to your home or need funds for new equipment around your farm. Exchange State Bank can help you with these important needs by offering a number of loan solutions with flexible terms and competitive rates:
  • Home Loans - finance the home of your dreams or use your home's value to finance other purchases or projects
  • Agricultural Loans - make loans for ag real estate, livestock, machinery, etc. to keep your farm running smoothly
  • Small Business & Commercial Loans - provide funding to keep your business successful and strong
  • Personal Loans - request a flexible loan that can be used for just about anything
  • Leasing - get the commercial or municipal equipment you need quickly and easily
Exchange State Bank’s (NMLS #412366) experienced lenders can help you find the best solution to fit your loan needs. Contact Exchange State Bank today or email us at [email protected] for more information. 
Reminder:   You should not include any confidential information within an email.   Please contact the bank directly if you need to provide confidential information.