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Checking accounts available at Exchange State Bank vary depending on your personal or business checking needs.  Choose from three great options ranging from Free Checking to an interest bearing NOW Checking Account that will start working for you on the day you open the account.

  • Free Checking Account

    No frills, basic checking.

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  • Regular Checking Account

    Receive check images with your statement.

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  • NOW Checking Account

    Lower fees, higher interest.

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Standard Fees and Charges for all of our Checking Accounts:
  • Overdraft (per check) $25.00
  • Insufficient funds (per item) (return check) $30.00
  • Stop payment request $25.00

Free Checking Account

For a no frills, basic checking account, we recommend the Free Checking Account.  With this account, there is no minimum balance, you can make unlimited deposits into your account and will receive a monthly statement.  You will not receive images of your cancelled checks, so we recommend using duplicate checks to assist you in balancing and monitoring your account.

Regular Checking Account

The Regular Checking Account at Exchange State Bank is your standard checking account that rewards customers for staying above the minimum daily balance amounts.  Regular Checking has no monthly fee if a $300 daily balance is maintained during the statement cycle, however, we will assess a monthly maintenance fee if your balance falls below $300.  Customers must notify Exchange State Bank if they become disabled, are a full-time student or turn 65 years of age in order to receive this type of checking account with no maintenance fees.  Your monthly statement includes images of the checks that have been processed in that statement cycle.

NOW Checking Account

For a checking account that is constantly at work for you, consider the NOW Checking Account.  The NOW Checking Account requires a minimum balance of $1000 to open, but starts earning interest from day one.  With the NOW Checking Account, interest is compounded daily and credited monthly.  Exchange State Bank calculates interest by applying a daily periodic rate to the principal account which is referred to as the daily balance method.  NOW Checking Accounts have no monthly fee if a $1000 daily balance is maintained during the statement cycle.  We will assess a monthly fee if your balance falls below $1000 on any day of the statement cycle.
Which checking account is right for you?  Give Exchange State Bank a call and we'll help you determine the best solution to meet your unique needs!
Reminder:   You should not include any confidential information within an email.   Please contact the bank directly if you need to provide confidential information.