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Exchange State Bank provides diverse deposit accounts and tools to help you achieve your business or personal financial goals.  Whether it is a basic checking account for your teen, an interest bearing savings account to make the most out of your savings or a secure Certificate of Deposit for low-risk investing, Exchange State Bank has the right deposit product for you.

  • Checking Accounts

    accounts to fit your individual and business needs

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  • Savings Accounts

    save for your and your family's future

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  • CDs and IRAs

    select the terms best suited to your situation

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  • HSAs

    a great solution to plan for medical expenses

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For help on determining which combination of deposit services would provide the most benefit for your financial well-being, please contact Exchange State Bank and we’ll get you on the right track!!

Reminder:   You should not include any confidential information within an email.   Please contact the bank directly if you need to provide confidential information.